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Hi. I’m Kit.

I have been a qualified mortgage adviser since 2003 and set up Capital Advice in 2004. Throughout those years I have seen a lot of changes both in the financial advice industry and the property market, but what has always remained the same is my desire to help people achieve their goal of owning property.

Securing finance for clients is the most obvious and usually the easiest aspect of what I do, but I see my role as being much broader than that. I look to talk the whole house buying process through with clients to ensure that they are in the most informed position possible before they offer and then help them structure their mortgage to best suit their needs in line with the economic environment.

It’s an ongoing relationship for the life of your loan and I look forward to the journey together!


Kit Jackson


021 433 788

Hi. I’m Gareth.

I have over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry working for major banks specialising in mortgage advice and relationship management. I’m passionate about helping clients meet their financial goals by providing advice, guidance and recommendation whilst building long term trusted relationships.

Putting the client at the centre is paramount – whether you are buying your first home, a new home, an investment property, need loan structure advice or have more complex needs – I can help.


Gareth Humphreys


04 471 0080

021 034 6471

Hi. I’m Richard.

I have over 35 years’ experience in the finance sector, the last 20 in relationship management roles. I specialise in mortgage finance and finding solutions for clients.

I am passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals by providing advice, guidance and recommendations whilst building long term trusted relationships.

By focusing on the client experience, I can ensure that the solution meets the need whether it be a first home, a new home, an investment property, loan structure advice or more complex needs.


Richard Christensen


027 3179444

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What a mortgage adviser should do for you…

A mortgage adviser should assist you to find the most appropriate mortgage at the lender that meets your individual needs They should by doing this, be saving you the time and hassle of speaking to all the lenders which means that you can concentrate on the business of finding your dream home or investment property And when you’ve done that, they should advise on a suitable loan structure having fully understood your present and future requirements

What a Capital Advice adviser does for you…

As well as all the above, at Capital Advice we aim to be your trusted financial adviser. During the process of you buying a house we will keep in contact and provide you with as much or as little advice as you need or want. We will liaise with your other trusted professional such as solicitors, valuers, builders and real estate agents and almost project manage things for you to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible. We do not believe in one off transactions and we aim to continue our relationship with you for the life of your loan. Whilst your personal bankers may come and go, we remain the constant in your main financial commitment.