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House, Contents and Car Insurance

What is it?

House, Contents and Car insurance protects your personal assets from theft, damage or disaster.

Do you need it?


Fire, damage, natural disasters or theft can mean that you may lose valuable assets. It is important that you are able to financially cover the cost of replacing any losses.

When applying for finance to purchase your property, your lender will require you to get house cover It is also a good idea to protect what is likely to be your biggest asset so that if disaster strikes you can rebuild. That’s true whether you are an owner occupier or a landlord. If you’re a landlord then you can also protect yourself against a loss of rent or malicious damage caused by tenants.

With contents, you need to consider how you would replace everything in your house if it was destroyed or stolen. The general rule of thumb is – if you can’t afford to replace it then you should insure it. Your contents can also be covered away from home as well to provide you with peace of mind wherever you are!

If you own a vehicle you need to protect yourself not only from damage caused to your vehicle, but also if you cause an accident and damage someone else’s vehicle.

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